How to select an anniversary gift for my spouse? (Anniversary Gifts by Year)

No matter how many years you’ve been together, it’s always a good idea to prepare a gift to another half in your life. But it’s also a worldwide problem that how to choose a perfect gift to my wife/husband?

When my husband and I were approaching the first anniversary soon, we had such doubts hovered over our heads also. I googled gift ideas and browsed thousands of shops online and finally, we decided to get something unique and special for us. Most luckily, I found This mall has so many gifts that cover most of our gift needs, for friends, for parents, or for kids. What is amazing is that most of the gifts in this mall can be tailor-made! And they are at reasonable prices!

Now I want to share this shoppable¬†gift guide with you. You can get inspired from it then whatever you shop instore or outside. I sincerely hope it can save your twist and turns. ūüė䬆¬†(I've set up hyperlinks for your convenience)¬†


"It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life." 


1ST YEAR: Paper.  Modern: Clock.  Gemstone: Peridot, Gold Jewelry.


1.  A simple love letter. Have no idea how to write a love note? Click here for more tips.

2.  A book of photos. You can print places you’ve been, the meal you’ve eaten, or anything you’ve done together in the past days.



Product: Photo Book Make a Photo Book Custom Book Album

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3.  Gold necklace with her name. This would be the greatest gift for the wives I swear.

infinity necklace

Product: Engraved Infinity Necklace with Names Gold Plated

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2ND YEAR: Cotton.  Modern: China

2-year cotton marriage doesn’t mean it’s less special than 5-year or 10-year or longer. Here I got some ideas for you:

1.  Bedsheet. You won’t go wrong with the 100-percent Egyptian cotton with 10 colors available for you.

bed sheet

Product: Egyptian Cotton Luxury 600TC Bed Sheet Pillow Case Flat Sheet Home Textile CGM

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2.  Are you looking for a gift special for your love? Why not gift your significant other a practical pillow. Print how many days, how many hours you’ve been together.


Product: Custom Print Pillow Cover Anniversary Gift Home Decor Pillow Cover

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3.  Name napkins. Are you ready to test out new recipes? You cannot miss out on this cute name napkin for your dinner. And a kind reminder of candles!

style="text-align:center;" Product: Personalized Monogrammed Dinner Napkin Name Napkin Inwrought Name Date Wedding Anniversary Gift

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3RD YEAR: Leather.  Modern: Crystal or Glass

1.  Wine glass with your names. Wine glasses could be something you’ll use for years, for your candlelight dinner at home or hosting a party with friends and family. Cheers to the 3rd year!

wine glass

Product:¬†Custom Red Wine Glasses Cups (Set of 6ÔľČ

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2.  Crystal album. Look at this adorable crystal album, it's a super-star product in the store.

crystal album

Product: Customized Heart Shape Laser Engraved Crystal Photo Album

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4TH YEAR: Fruit & Flowers / Linen & Silk.  Modern: Appliances.

Flower-shaped gifts. Gold plated rose or a rose bear, which is so on-trend. Remember these roses are never fade away and you can treasure forever!

gold plated rose

Product: 24k Gold Plated Real Rose Valentine's Day Gift Birthday Gift Mother's Day Anniversary Gift

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rose bear

style="text-align:center;" Product: The Luxury Rose Teddy Bear

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5TH YEAR: Wood. Modern: Silverware.

No 21st-century household is missing a family album. Besides, it's fully handmade.

wood album

Product: Personalized Woodcut Engraved Photo On Wood

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6TH YEAR: Iron / Candy.  Modern: Wood.

No one can resist the charm of sweets. Why not prepare a personalized plate for these candies

hand paint plate


Product: Custom Handpainted Mug/Bowl/Plate

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7TH YEAR: Wool / Copper. Modern: Desk Sets

7 years with your spouse may flash by in the twinkling of an eye. But certainly, your love is written in the details.

1.  A name wool scarf.

wool scarf

Product: Name Scarf Personalized Gift Custom Scarf Wool

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2.  Sweater name necklace. This is a gift that you can make it under a small price like $12.99, a big price over $300 in real gold. Gift for her as own unique accessory.

name necklace

Product: Personalized Classic Cursive Name Necklace 24k Gold Plated

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9TH YEAR: Pottery. Modern: Leather.

Coffee mugs! Who doesn't like to take a sip of coffee in the morning especially you are going to work? What’s more, you can choose the magical version or the normal version. The magical version offers color change when adding hot coffee or juice.

coffee mug

Product: Personalized Photo Mug Ceramic Mug With Spoon

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10TH YEAR: Tin/ Aluminum. Modern: Diamond Jewelry

10-year marriage is a milestone for every couple. I believe no one wants to miss it. If you are looking for something special and under budget, try Moissanite. Moissanite is similar to diamond but much cheaper than that.

Moissanite ring

style="text-align:center;" Product: 1CT D color Moissanite S925 Sterling Silver Wedding Engagement Diamond Ring

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11TH YEAR: Steel. Modern: Fashion Jewelry

1.  Fashion jewelry. You cannot deny jewelry does bring a woman at least a little joy to her life.

Name Alphabet Necklace

Product: Customized Crystal Name Necklace for Women Personalized with Gold Plated Silver

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2.  Beer opener. If you plan to hold an anniversary party and looking for favors to guests, a steel bear opener could be a good option.

Beer Opener

style="text-align:center;" Product: Golden Beer Opener Party Favors Gifts for Guests Bridal Shower

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12TH YEAR: Linen / Silk. Modern: Pearl.

1.  Linen bag. If your wife is obsessed with her daily-use accessories when she goes out shopping or to work,  come and rescue her with a linen tote. Big capacity makes it able to store a universe.

Product: Linen Cotton Canvas Shopping Bags Tote Bags Women Casual Tote

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13TH YEAR: Lace.  Modern: Textiles / Fur

Recommendation: custom photo blanket.  It couldn't be better to give a warm blanket in winter with a personalized touch.

custom blanket

Product: Bedding Bed Spread Blanket Swaddling Fleece Cartoon Personalised Name Photo Blanket

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14TH YEAR: Ivory. Modern: Gold Jewelry.

For ivory gifts, you can find so many gifts here in ivory color or beige color. It's better than a real ivory gift, right? What about "I love you to the moon and back"?

moon light

Product: Customized Moon Lamp Gift I Love You to the Moon and Back

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15TH YEAR: Crystal. Modern: Watch

Would you like a cup of juice or a watch with your name on it?  

juice cup

Product:¬†Custom Engraved Rhombic Glass CupsÔľąSet of 6ÔľČ

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Product: Name Watch Custom Logo Engraved Watch

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20TH YEAR: China Modern platinum

1.  Is your spouse like to travel? Why not plan a trip to China or Chinatown?

Name Passport Cover

style="text-align:center;" Product: Custom Passport Cover Travel Wallet Passport Case Engraved Holder

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25TH YEAR: Silver. Modern: Silver.

Woo-hoo! Cheers to making it halfway to the 50-year! You would never get wrong if you gift your wife a piece of jewelry.

silver name necklace

style="text-align:center;" Product: Silver Name Necklace - Extra Thick With Rollo Chain

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30TH YEAR: Pearl. Modern: Diamond

Replacement for pearl and diamond. Really under budget. The bright pattern and embellishments give this necklace a cheerful, tropical feel.

Initial Necklace

Product: Custom Initial Necklace with Stones

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birth stone ring

Product: Double Heart Birthstone Promise Ring

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40TH YEAR: Ruby Modern ruby

Hmm, the best part I love this mall is they always have gifts under $50. Of course for ruby 40-year I recommend:

1.  A bottle of red wine.

2.  A set of wine glasses. A perfect combo, isn't it?

wine and glasses

Product:¬†Custom Red Wine Glasses Cups (Set of 6ÔľČ

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45TH YEAR: Sapphire. Modern: Sapphires.

Whenever ruby or sapphire even emerald color gift, you can find it by checking the bedsheet.

Sapphire Bed Sheet

 Product: Egyptian Cotton Luxury 600TC Bed Sheet Pillow Case Flat Sheet Home Textile CGM

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50TH YEAR: Gold. Modern: Gold.

If you are celebrating 50th-year, everything in gold is perfect. They can be a golden lined album, gold plated necklace or golden pen!



55TH YEAR: Emerald. Modern: Emerald.

 A bed sheet in emerald color?

emerald bed sheet

Product: Egyptian Cotton Luxury 600TC Bed Sheet Pillow Case Flat Sheet Home Textile CGM

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60TH YEAR: Diamond. Modern: Diamond.

Congrats! You've finally reached the long-awaited diamond year. Diamond perfectly represents your brilliant and shining marriage. 



Uh-oh, wait, don't forget the card! Check here for more tips for writing a love letter.



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