Retro Jewelry Organizer Box

$19.99 $60.00

Got 10+ pairs of earings but don't know how to organize them? 😅
Received 5+ necklaces and want to get them a sweet home? 😜
Searching for a nice-looking jewelry organizer but they are so expensive, while cheap ones are not unique enough? 🤨

Ta-dah! 🤩 Look at this retro jewelry organizer. Elegant design; velvet-leather surface; bronze handle. What's more, two colors available. One is most recently phantom color 2020 - classic blue, another is elegant green.
These features make it unique and special that you would never find an exactly the same box  with this price again! Moreover, it only costs $49.99, which you can save all your honey jewellery in one place! 😌

Check pictures to see details.

Size: Width: 4.84”; Open height: 8.2”
Material: Velvet-leather
Color: Classic blue; elegant green.
Layer: 3.

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