Get Warm and Cozy with U-MAX Fireplace

Want to have cozy fires and romantic atmosphere at home, but worrying about messy ashes, hidden risk of real fire or fed up with cleaning a wood burning fireplace? Electric fireplace could be a good choice.

The U-MAX electric fireplace eliminates your concern and provides the comfort and heat by creating realistic flame. The minimal design of our fireplace delivers a contemporary, aesthetic style that matches each room and home décor. You can enjoy fresh visual effects by two options of ember bed. Every package includes both realistic logs and crystals. 9-color flame effect and 2 heat settings available when either using the touch panel or remote control.

Additional tile surrounded fireplace can greatly enhance the look of fireplace as well as elegant of a room.

Installation is easy whether you choose built-in or mount on wall. The fireplace is also available for two electrical connections: plug-in or hard-wiring. This electric fireplace is high-quality craftsmanship and allows 90 days warranty. We listen to our customers and stand behind of our products. 

Why U-MAX fireplace?

1. Cost-efficient. Our fireplace is energy saving, which only cost you a couple hundred bucks and save you up to 10% on electricity bill, along with high quality.

2. Safety. New LED technology instead of traditional gas or oil allows it to become a safe alternative for kids and pets. Safe sensor installed inside protect system from danger of hazard.

3. Easy to install. Simply take it out of package, mount it on the wall or built it in, plug it in and you are done. In case, extra install manual and user instructions are included in the package.

4. Strong adaption. It is ideal for any room which supplemental heat and ambiance is needed.

5. Mute mode. You would hardly hear any sound, only wind blowing.

Sliky Touch Panel, Elegant Design

  • Both touch panel and remote conrol are easy to operate.
  • Removable glass top.

Heat Outlet

  • Heat outlet located on the upper front area.
  • Perfect match with TV set.
  • One-step process installation. No extra professional needed.

9 Colors Realistic Flame Effect

  • Two options of ember bed (Log set or crystal stones).
  • Total 9 different colors flame settings cater to your desired ambience.

Light & Sound

  • For safety consideration, the indicator lights up automatically every 5 minutes to show the indoor temperature.
  • You would only hear wind blowing when heat is on.
  • 1-8h timer and sleep mode (all lights down when heating)


  • Two sizes available. 36” and 50”.
  • Coverage area: 400 sq feet.
  • Heating power: 750 W – 1500 W
  • Voltage: 120 V AC

Package including

  • 1 x Electric Fireplace
  • 1 x Remote Control (Battery included)
  • 1 x Install Manual & Use Instructions
  • 1 x Screw & Hardware Kit

Cedric Jetty

Great product as advertised and did not disappoint all. Customer services has been phenomenal and very quick to respond. I purchased two unit and happy for it.

Berry Johnson

Out performed all my expectations!!! Quiet, nice heater for breaking the chill. Love the option of logs or rocks/crystals. I love the timer feature as I use that one the most,,,1 to 8 hrs,,, Cant beat it and looks very realistic. I highly recommend!!

Adam Gary 

This is a great electric fireplace. Cheaper than others I've seen, and it can be recessed into the wall (what I wanted) for a nice clean look. The heat comes out the front at the top, and it has two settings.

Product FAQ

We’re glad you are here!

If you have a question that you don't see answers below, please feel free to send us an email.

  • Question: Does the heater vent out of the front or top? Can it be placed under a tv?
    Answer: Yes, you can place it under the TV. The heater blow up from the front.
  • Question: How far under a TV can this be installed?
    Answer: It doesn’t matter. The hot air blows straight out. It is recommended that this fireplace be positioned at least 12 inches below the ceiling. We installed it far below so we could put a mantle in between.
  • Question: Could we put this on the lower shelf of a console table underneath aquariums?
    Answer: That shouldn’t be a problem from my experience.
  • Question: Is it possible to disable this random light up?
    Answer: No, the control panel is designed to light up in 5 mins, showing indoor temprature for safety reason. Unless the fireplace unplugged.
  • Question: Is this safe for a wood panel wall?
    Answer: Yes, there is a metal bracket inside, it is used to hang it on the wall.
  • Question: Can this be mounted in an existing fireplace?
    Answer: Yes, as long as the opening dimensions match the installation measurements.
  • Question: Can this fireplace be hardwired? Can this be installed not recessed/flush mounted?
    Answer: It come with both options, It includes with all wall mounted installtion necessary hardware.
  • Question: How is this mounted in the wall? What dimensions should I frame the opening in the wall?
    Answer: You can put 2 screws on the bottom of fireplace to support and level it ,screws need be on stub (just like you hang glass mirror). The opening dimensions are in the manual and instructions.
  • Question: Does this have “feet” to stand on its own?
    Answer: Better to build in wall or mounted on the wall.
  • Question: The heater stopped working after four days. Everything else works fine. It is hardwired. Can someone give me any suggestions?
    Answer: Please direct contact us and we will provide you necessary replacement.
  • Question: Will it shut off automatically when it reaches the desired temperature?
    Answer: Yes. When indoor temperature arrive desired temperature, the electric fireplace will stop heating.
  • Question: The picture shows air intake in the back. How does it get air if built-in?
    Answer: We bought the 50" unit and the air intake are on the front and top of unit we wall mounted ours which is okay and approved works beautifully and is very attractive on our wall.
  • Question: How long is the power cord and what side is it located?
    Answer: It’s on the right side and about 3 ft long.
  • Question: Does this unit use 110v or 120v?
    Answer: 110-120v grounded outlet.
  • Question: Is this supposed to come with a remote?
    Answer: Yes, of course.
  • Question: Is the remote control infrared or radio frequency?
    Answer: Infrared.
  • Question: What are the dimensions of the recessed part of the product?
    Answer: Overall Dimensions: 50.3”L * 21.42”H * 5.51”D. Recessed Dimensions: 46.93”L *21.31”H * 5.51”D.
  • Question: What is the fireplace thickness? Thanks
    Answer: 5 3/4 inches.
  • Question: What is the product's weight?
    Answer: Weight is 50.7 lb for item U-MAX 36". 68.3 lb for 50".
  • Question: What is the area that it heats up (square footage wise)?
    Answer: 400sq ft.
  • Question: How well does it actually heat?
    Answer: Perfect for a small room.
  • Question: It says the temperature range is from 62-82. At a lower setting, let’s say in the 60’s, is the air actually cool? Is it like a small a/c unit?
    Answer: No. It is not an a/c it is only a fan that blows.
  • Question: I just ordered the fireplace but not arrived yet. My contractor is going to install in wall. Do I need to have any tile surround?
    Answer: If you want it to make it look even better, you can attach tiles around it. Otherwise it's not neccessary.
  • Question: Can I check if it works before installation?
    Answer: Yes, plug on the power cord and check all function.
  • Question: Can I order a replacement remote? Our dog ate ours...
    Answer: Please send me an email, we will help you to get a new remote.
  • Question: Can this be installed outdoor, or is this for inside use only?
    Answer: I’m sure if you kept it protected from water it would do just fine outside..
  • Question: Is there a customer service for this product? Who do I call about a question?
    Answer: Yes. Don't hesitate to write us an email if you have any question! :)
  • Question: What warranty have this product ?
    Answer: Any quality issue, we will accept return & refund within 1 month. We also provide 1 year free replacement for installation problems, shipping damage or missing parts.