Light-Up Cat Drinking Fountain

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Product Description

Did you know that 1 in 3 cats have symptoms of stage 1 kidney disease caused by dehydration? Many cats lack the instinct to drink from a bowl, having descended from desert dwelling wildcats that received water from eating live prey.

With today’s dry kibble diet, it’s vital to entice your cat to drink more to keep them hydrated. The Light-Up Cat Drinking Fountain encourages your kitty to drink by attracting their curiosity with the mesmerizing combination of flowing water and an LED light show!

Key Features

  • Attracts Their Attention: Cats are instinctually attracted to moving water. The sound of a gurgling fountain lit by a blue LED light attracts their natural curiosity. 
  • Keep your Kitty Healthy: Can help promote a healthier urinary tract by ensuring your kitty is properly hydrated.
  • Great for Whisker Sensitive Cats: Many cats become stressed if their whiskers are constantly brushed (known as whisker fatigue), such as when eating or drinking from a bowl that's too deep.
  • Non-Toxic and Safe: Constructed from ultra-durable BPA free plastic and/or stainless steel. 
  • Triple Filtration system: The triple activated charcoal and ion exchange filter ensures the water remains fresh and odor free (get refill filters here).
  • Works Worldwide: Global electrical compatibility for all countries and regions. Plug it in anywhere with access to a USB port!
  • Auto-shutoff Feature: Turns off the pump when the water is too low, while the LED indicator light flashes red. 
  • Triple Filtration System: Triple activated charcoal and ion exchange filter ensures the water remains fresh and odor-free (get refill filters here).
  • Works Worldwide: Global electrical outlet compatibility for all countries and regions. Simply plug it into any available 5 Volt-1 Amp USB Wall Charger Plug (*not included) such those commonly used for mobile phones or tablets.
  • Auto-shutoff Feature: Turns off the pump when the water is too low, while the LED indicator light flashes red.

    Package Contents
    1 2.4L Water Fountain
    1 USB Power Cable
    1 Charcoal Ion Exchange Filter
    1 User Manual

    Diameter 19cm (7.5in) 
    Height 12cm (4.7in) 
    Power Cable Length 1.6M (5.2ft) 


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    {"avg_rating":"4.8","num_reviews":"6","reviews":"\u003cdiv id=\"loox-inline-reviews\" style=\"display:none\" data-loox-hash=\"1575537443931\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"name\"\u003eMaricela R.\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review_text\"\u003e I was a little skeptical, but my cat definitely seems to be drinking more often, or should I say I now actually can see her drinking! Before I would hardly ever saw her drink from her dish. I used to add chicken broth to her food but was worried about the sodium. Keeping my fingers crossed that this keeps working.\n\u003c\/div\u003e\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"name\"\u003eBarbara H.\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review_text\"\u003eCats love it, drinking a lot more water now. Good buy.\n\u003c\/div\u003e\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"name\"\u003eYvonne H.\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review_text\"\u003eI bought this fountain because my cat sitter let my old one run low, and it started running loud. I like that it has a warning light and will shut off if the water runs too low, sparing the motor. However, be aware that if there is a power failure, no water will be where the cat can get it (it will all be inside the pump under the top screen), unlike my last pump. So I am keeping a small water bowl next to it in case of power failure.\n\u003c\/div\u003e\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"name\"\u003eDeby G.\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review_text\"\u003eI never leave a review for anything but this thing is awesome. We have 7 cats. When this was delivered I put it in place of their regular water bowl (we had 3 different water bowls for them bc they get so picky if the water is the least bit dirty-like one piece of dry food that fell out of their mouth is laying in the bottom of the bowl) within 24 hrs we had actually seen at least 3 of the seven drinking from it and within the next day or so all of them were using it. We have to fill it every couple of days (some water is lost through evaporation and some through drinking) but that’s ok bc that means the water is basically always fresh. I haven’t had to clean it yet (we’ve only had it for 5 days) but I didn’t see anything that would make cleaning it difficult.\n\u003c\/div\u003e\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"name\"\u003eKarin B.\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review_text\"\u003eBoth of our cats absolutely LOVE their fountain as do their caretakers of the human persuasion!\n\u003c\/div\u003e\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review\"\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"name\"\u003ePatti W.\u003c\/div\u003e\u003cdiv class=\"review_text\"\u003eI actually purchased one for my blind Mini Schnauzer that I just adopted. We like that just by lifting, or pushing, the flower we can get anywhere from a bubbling of water to a gentle fall. We set it so it makes some noise as the water hits the stainless steel bowl. That helps our dog find the water and also gives her a point of reference for where she is.\n\nIt’s very easy to set up and also easy to clean. It is silent, unless you want it to make noise like we do. It feels sturdy and is a great height for small dogs (and cats). The filter is a nice addition, and is easy to clean and change.\n\nOverall, this fountain is an excellent buy. Quality and cleanliness. If you’re on the fence about purchasing one, think no more. Buy one! You won’t regret it!\u003c\/div\u003e\u003c\/div\u003e\u003c\/div\u003e"}

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